Prompt & GPT Library

Create customized choice boards that align with Bloom's Taxonomy levels and multiple intelligences, enabling students to demonstrate their understanding and mastery of learning objectives through various task formats.

An AI-powered brainstorming tool that generates a wide range of ideas on any topic and combines them in creative, coherent, and thought-provoking ways to inspire users and stimulate innovative thinking.

A tool that generates metaphorical, humorous, and historical analogies for complex topics to aid college students in understanding new concepts.

An interactive tool that guides users through creating and engaging in personalized roleplay experiences based on their chosen themes and scenarios. 

A structured tool that guides users in exploring innovations within their field of interest, helping identify objectives, stakeholders, and action plans. 

A step-by-step tool that assists college faculty in designing comprehensive academic courses, from defining competencies to creating detailed schedules. 

A tool that transforms educational content into engaging, interactive stories with decision points, promoting immersive learning experiences.

A tool that analyzes user-provided study materials to create comprehensive study guides with key concepts, practice questions, and detailed answer keys.

A tool that generates vocabulary lists with pronunciation guides and definitions based on user-provided texts or topics, tailored to different language proficiency levels.

An AI-powered tool that creates realistic nursing case studies, complete with patient profiles, nurse's notes, and decision points for educational purposes.

A tool that collaborates with college instructors to develop authentic, well-aligned assessments based on their course needs and learning objectives.

A tool that assists college faculty in creating detailed, well-structured rubrics aligned with their course assessments.

A tool that provides feedback and suggestions for improving college course syllabi, focusing on clarity, inclusivity, and student engagement.

A tool that simulates job interviews based on real job postings, providing users with questions, feedback, and suggestions for improvement.

A tool that adapts English texts to match specific proficiency levels based on the IELTS band score system.

A brainstorming tool that offers insights and ideas from six unique virtual personas to help users solve problems and generate ideas.

An interactive learning tool that engages college students in Socratic dialogue to deepen their understanding of academic topics.

A tool that condenses lengthy documents into concise, one-page summaries highlighting key information and takeaways.

A debate practice tool that engages users in structured arguments and counterarguments to enhance critical thinking and debating skills.

A tool that simulates an undergraduate student learning a new topic, providing questions and feedback to help users improve their teaching and explanatory skills.

A tool that analyzes and provides feedback on the tone, structure, and clarity of written content to help users refine their writing.

A tool that generates vocabulary lists with pronunciation guides and definitions based on user-provided texts or topics, tailored to different language proficiency levels. 

A tool that generates realistic conversation transcripts on user-provided topics, featuring diverse perspectives and customizable participant details for educational purposes.