AI is transforming the way we think, learn, and create. By harnessing the power of AI in an effective and responsible manner, we can revolutionize the education we provide and offer learners the skills and experiences they need to thrive in an evolving world.

A library of examples that leverage AI for a variety of use cases

Video demonstrations of generative AI in action

Interactive simulations that leverage AI text, audio, images, and video

A collection of assessment strategies and course policies that bring AI into instruction

Scenarios that aim to prompt reflection on the ethical dilemmas in applying AI

Information on the most popular AI platforms currently available


Casegen RN is a tool developed by Codaptive Labs that leverages generative artificial intelligence to allow nursing instructors to easily create robust and adaptive case studies for their learners.  Casegen RN was developed through a partnership with the Wisconsin Technical College System as part of the Next Gen RN grant.

This tool marks the beginning of what will become possible as AI continues to advance and transform the landscape of education. While this particular tool is designed specifically for nursing programs, the same premise can be applied in countless other disciplines. Through the use of generative artificial intelligence, tools like Casegen RN empower instructors to create engaging, realistic, and adaptable learning experiences for their students, ultimately preparing them for a world in which adaptability will be a critical skill.

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My passion is exploring the possibilities of bringing innovative and engaging learning experiences to both students and working professionals alike.  I created Codaptive Labs to achieve that goal.  I am always happy to talk with fellow educators, whether it is to partner on a project or provide faculty development on emerging technologyMy areas of focus include:

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