AI is transforming the way we think, learn, and teach. By learning to harness the power of AI effectively and responsibly, we can revolutionize the instruction we provide, and offer students the relevant and impactful learning experiences they need for their future success.  

A library of examples that leverage AI for a variety of use cases

Video demonstrations of generative AI in action

Interactive simulations that leverage AI text, audio, images, and video

A collection of assessment strategies that leverage AI to enhance learning

Example course policies that address the role of AI in an academic course

Information on the most popular AI platforms currently available


My passion is exploring the possibilities of bringing innovative and engaging learning experiences to students.  I created Codaptive Labs to achieve that goal.  I am always happy to talk with fellow educators, whether it is to partner on a project or provide faculty development on emerging technologyMy areas of focus include:

If you are interested, feel free to reach out!