Prompts & GPTs

AI Prompt Collection

The following is a library of prompts I have written which demonstrate different ways AI can be leveraged within an educational context.  While all of these prompts have been designed with ChatGPT in mind, many of them can be used effectively with other AI platforms as well.

Summarize Content

Condense reading material for key ideas efficiently, aiding comprehension and review of articles, papers, and case studies.

Compose an Analogy

Clarify complex concepts with relatable analogies to enhance understanding and improve teaching explanations.

Write a Conversation

Bring case studies to life through dynamic conversations, enhancing learning experiences and exploring different perspectives.

Generate a Rubric

Streamline rubric creation, saving time for instructors, optimizing teaching efficiency, and ensuring fair evaluation of student work.

Socratic Tutor

Encourage critical thinking and self-discovery with open-ended questions to foster independent understanding.

Copy Editor

Receive comprehensive feedback and recommendations to enhance written materials, improving their quality.

Job Interviewer

Simulate job interviews for practice, tips, and skill enhancement to increase success in real interviews.

Virtual Ideator

Obtain insights and solutions for ideas or problems, expanding creative thinking and problem-solving.

Case Study Generator

Create a robust and detailed set of content that can be used as the focus of an authentic case study.

Assessment Builder

Leverage AI to suggest assessment ideas and craft those assessments for you.

Assessment Unpacker

Take an existing assessment and unpack the expectations into step-by-step guidance.

ESL Multilevel Composer

Adapt texts to varying proficiency levels, providing scaffolded learning for ESL students.


GPTs are specialized versions of ChatGPT, tailored for specific tasks, enabling them to handle various functions with minimal prompt engineering. While they are freely available for use, accessing custom GPTs requires a ChatGPT Plus account.


The Assessment Builder specializes in crafting and refining college-level assessments, integrating academic rigor with practical application. Features include:


The Rubric Generator actively assists in creating clear, structured, and comprehensive assessment guidelines across various academic disciplines. Features include:


The Syllabus Assistant is designed to aid educators in developing or refining course syllabi with a focus on clarity, inclusivity, and student engagement. Features include: